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Campus Safety Innovation Hub

Safety on university campuses in South Africa, as with UCT, is a priority area for university management, staff, students and parents. Considerable resources have therefore been allocated to improving security and facilitate safety, such as patrolling by security guards, CCTV systems and panic button. However, the issue of campus safety is significantly understudied in South Africa.

Hence SaVI has established the Campus Safety Innovation Hub. Within the Hub researchers and UCT security professionals explore and experiment on how to make UCT spaces and access to UCT safer. The safety strategies and interventions will:

  • Be flexible and based on sound evidence;
  • Focus on the opportunities that result in criminal incidents or a lack of safety; and
  • Be responsive to real-time data and problem solving.

The results for the Hub’s interventions and research will have applicability for safety in other universities, schools and possibly government facilities.

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