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1st South African Homicide Research Colloquium

3-4 September 2015

The 1st South African Homicide Research Colloquium was hosted by UCT SaVI from the 3rd - 4th September 2015 at The River Club, Cape Town, South Africa. The aim of the colloquium was to develop a more comprehensive understanding of homicide (with a particular focus on South Africa).

Homicide was the central focus of this event, but the event also explored the factors and dynamics that contribute to lethal violence. In this regard, this event brought together researchers, those who work in the criminal justice and related sectors, policy makers and violence prevention practitioners and activists. The colloquium also served as a platform to launch SaVI's Interdisciplinary Homicide Research Programme.

The videos of the panel discussions can be found below:

Panel 1: The nature and extent of homicide in South Africa
Panel 2: Homicide - The perpetrators
Panel 3: Homicide - The victims
Panel 4: The gender dimensions of homicide
Panel 5: Homicide - The mechanisms
Panel 6: Assessing and investigating homicide
Panel 7: Prevention of homicide and other forms of violence