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Understanding, Responding to and Preventing Xenophobic Violence in South Africa

23 April 2015

''Xenophobic violence is neither spontaneous or isolated but rather ongoing and often caused by political power struggles at the local level as much as by structural inequality such as poverty and unemployment. Until these underlying problems are solved we should expect more xenophobic violence...There is also the danger of encouraging a militaristic approach if we look solely to the police to try and contain such violence.'' Ambre Nicolson

These were the key themes that emerged from the panel discussion, 'Understanding, Responding to, and Preventing Xenophobic Violence in South Africa', which was organised and hosted by UCT SaVI on 23 April 2015 at Kramer Law Building, UCT. The aim of the panel was to explore what is known about xenophobic violence, and how the government and the people of the Western Cape and elsewhere should respond to it and seek to prevent it in the future. Speakers included Major-General Jeremy Vearey (South African Police Services), Dr Roni Amit (African Centre for Migration and Society, Wits University) and Dr Chris Giles (Violence Prevention Through Urban Upgrading).