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Violence Against Women and Children

Understanding and preventing violence against women and children is a key area of concern for SaVI and its affiliates. In this regard, SaVI has hosted and co-hosted seminars, public lectures and workshops. It has also undertaken a number of joint research projects. Below is information on some of its more recent activities.

Violence against women and children in South Africa: Study for National Government

SaVI has been commissioned by national government’s Inter-Ministerial Committee (IMC) on Violence against Women and Children and the United Nations Children’s Fund to manage an interdisciplinary research project on the risk and protective factors in relation to violence against women and children in South Africa.

This project has been run in partnership with the Children’s Institute and draws on expertise from:

Centre for Social Science Research
Department of Psychology
Gender Health and Justice Research Unit
Division of Nursing and Midwifery
Human Sciences Research Council

The project has generated evidence-based analysis, predictive statistical models and will make recommendations to the IMC on how to reduce and prevent violence against women and children in mid-2015. Publications from this project will be launched in early to mid- 2016.

Child Gauge 2014: Preventing violence against children - breaking the intergenerational cycle

SaVI partnered with the Children’s Institute to produce the 2014 South African Child Gauge, which focused on the prevention of violence against children. The publication provides an annual snapshot of the status of children in South Africa. By drawing on the latest research evidence, the Child Gauge presents a set of plain language essays on a different theme each year, alongside an update on legislative developments that affect children’s rights.